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You can compare it. Exata Laboratory is the leader in the Midwest and one of the best in the country, offering the best cost-benefit.

Get your analysis results on your phone

INFOSoil is a new step ahead. It keeps you a click away from all your area record and its productive potencial. The rest is up to you and your technical manager.

INFOSoil gives you relevant information as the future price of your product. Collaborating with the productivity of your area and reducing costs. With that, it may even help to compensate some loss your product might have anywhere in the world. All information you need in a clear and well explained way. It is the end of a sheet full of numbers. You can just get it out of your pocket.

INFOSoil marks an advance in the concept of agronomic analysis laboratories. We progressed from the paradigm of reports to information. And this is just the beginning.

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Others Exata's differentials

  • Analysis by Plasma (ICP-OES)
  • Analysis of trace elements by ICP-MS
  • Plant Tissue analysis on microwave digester
  • Accredited Quality Management System according to ISO 17025
  • Integration with Precision Agriculture Software
  • Capacity to analyse 1500 soil samples per day
  • Possibility of samples registration via site, minimizing mistakes.
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