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Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis
       Soil Analysis is done to evaluate  the reaction of soil and the nutrients availability to the plants. So, it is used for prescriptions of the correct amount of fertilizers and correctives (Raij et. al.: 2001).
          Exata Laboratory's soil analysis services are performed prioritizing 
quality and speed of results delivery. With an automated analitic procedure, it is possible to ensure better standardization and final result quality. Besides all chemical and texture analysis, the company also offers soil saturation extract analysis and total percentage of potentially toxic elements (heavy metals).
          The methods used by Exata for soil analysis are among the most used in Brazil to meet the demands of all farmers:
  •          P, K, Na, Cu, Fe, Mn e Zn  - Mehlich I Extractor;
  •          Ca, Mg, Al – NH4Cl 1M Extractor ;
  •          B – Mehlich I Extractor;
  •          S – Ammonium Acetate + Acetic Acid;
  •          Texture – Densimeter Method;
  •          pH – CaCl2 or water;
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