Laboratório Exata

The Company


Innovation and Excellence


                Exata Laboratory was establishe in February of 1997. Since then, Exata Laboratory continus to contribute to agribusiness decision making by providing heliable, high-quality agroindustrial analysis for more than two decades.
                  Due to a regional lack of agriculture analysis, the laboratory was founded in Jataí to affer that expertise. In order to provide excellent team that utilizes high-tech equipament with an efficient management system.
                  Currently, the laboratory has an area of approximately 1.000 m² and a team of more 30 employees tha offer a wide range of specialized services. Our team strives to maintain this standard of excellence for many year to come.

Exata's differentials

You can compare it. Exata Laboratory is the leader in the Midwest and one of the best in the country, offering the best cost-benefit.
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